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Celebrate all things savory with our lineup of herb fused olive oils.  Add depth of flavor to roasted vegetables, soups or use for finishing.  

Rosemary: This dynamic herbal olive oil is made by milling hand-harvested estate rosemary leaves with fresh olives, creating a unique fused olive oil. Enjoy on roasted or sautéed vegetables, or as a finishing oil for hearty roast beef, lamb chops or pork tenderloin.  

Garlic: Whole garlic cloves are simultaneously milled with fresh olives creating an invigorating fused olive oil. Emulating freshly pressed garlic, this oil is at home in Mediterranean fare like aglio et olio or marinated and grilled rib-eye steak with fresh herbs. A radiant umami flavor that elevates simple dressings and makes a delicious garlic aioli. Drench sliced baguette and broil for quick and delicious garlic bread.    

Basil: Fresh basil and olives are milled simultaneously, creating a fragrant fused olive oil. A delicate oil that is versatile for many recipes from sweet to savory. Enjoy on fresh fruit, as a simple salad dressing or try in Thai stir fry.